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To busy :(

Apparently it does not really make sense having a website, if one just doesn't have the time to put content on it.   Still, I have one. I will start putting in at least a list of former projects I worked on. Not today, but hopefully soon. 
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Surprisingly useful CSS glitch

Today a colleague wanted to make some divs square. My first reaction was: 'I doubt this can be done with only CSS', but he proved me wrong. There is an example at that uses two divs with specific positioning to accomplish this task. But the most interesting part was the padding-top 
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Easy blurred background pictures

I found a nice background picture once. It was a blurred landscape and although displayed in fullHD had only 11kB size. I realized it was just roughly 300px*200px but still not "blocky" when displayed at high zoom levels. Turns out, its really easy to create those using imagemagick yourself: convert 
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CSS did it again

While checking for availability of display:flex on i stumbled upon the length units vh, vw, vmin and vmax. What a revelation! Those are viewport dependent length values, where 100vh are 100% of the real height of the viewport. For all things mobile this makes my life so much easier... 
Philipp on css and viewport