Easy blurred background pictures

1 min read January 31, 2017 at 12:12pm on bash, blur, convert and imagemagick

I found a nice background picture once. It was a blurred landscape and although displayed in fullHD had only 11kB size.

I realized it was just roughly 300px*200px but still not "blocky" when displayed at high zoom levels.

Turns out, its really easy to create those using imagemagick yourself:

convert input.jpg -resize 6144@ -blur 0x3 output.png

The resize adjusts the image to have around 6k pixels, the blur takes the smaller picture and applies the filter (sigma 3 if i'm correct).

The result is usually smaller then 20kB and stays smooth if zoomed in.

The header image up there, i created it this way and is only 4.9kB!