...still don't have time for my own website

To busy :(

Apparently it does not really make sense having a website, if one just doesn't have the time to put content on it.   Still, I have one. I will start putting in at least a list of former projects I worked on. Not today, but hopefully soon. 
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Easy blurred background pictures

I found a nice background picture once. It was a blurred landscape and although displayed in fullHD had only 11kB size. I realized it was just roughly 300px*200px but still not "blocky" when displayed at high zoom levels. Turns out, its really easy to create those using imagemagick yourself: convert 
Philipp on bash, blur, convert and imagemagick

CSS did it again

While checking for availability of display:flex on i stumbled upon the length units vh, vw, vmin and vmax. What a revelation! Those are viewport dependent length values, where 100vh are 100% of the real height of the viewport. For all things mobile this makes my life so much easier... 
Philipp on css and viewport